About Nicholas Martin Johnson

1923974_31998790727_7402_nNicholas Martin Johnson was raised in Wisconsin by his loving family and grew up in the movie theater that’s been the family legacy since his grandfather bought an old opera house and converted it to show movies around the time of the Great Depression.

He is an alumnus of Columbia College Chicago and USC and studied comedy and comedy writing at the Second City Training Center in Los Angeles where he wrote and produced live sketch comedy greenhouse shows for a number of years before he was noticed by the Dry Hump comedy troupe who have since performed his material all across the country and at various sketch comedy festivals.

Since 2005, Nicholas has honed his writing skills under the direct tutelage of highly acclaimed screenwriting consultant and author, Pilar Alessandra. He has completed over a dozen feature length scripts and television pilots, many of which have garnered praise and acclaim from numerous screenwriting contests such as Bluecat, Scriptapalooza, The PAGE Awards and Script Pimp among others.

With a background steeped in comedy, Nicholas strives to craft stories that have colorful characters, unique worlds and above all else heart and soul.