Acclaim for Nicholas Martin Johnson’s Writing

Listed below are just a few of the highlights of Nicholas Martin Johnson’s writing career:

Nicholas was a finalist in the 2013 ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship, making it to the final selection round.

His script Pwned  sparked interest with Unique Features and was picked up for an option by Top Ranked Pictures in 2012.

He signed options with Tribesman Pictures for various other scripts in 2009 and 2010.

Nicholas is a protégé of noted author and screenwriting guru, Pilar Alessandra and an 8 year veteran of her exclusive On The Page writing groups.

He also works closely with author and celebrated screenwriting career coach, Lee Jessup.

Nicholas completed the Second City Comedy Writing Conservatory in 2004 and spent the next 7 years writing and producing for the stage with various sketch comedy troupes.

He has garnered recognition and praise for his writing in numerous contests and writing competitions:

  • 2006 Expo 5 Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalist for Just My Imagination
  • 2008 PAGE Awards Quarterfinalist for The Good, The Bad and The Hungry
  • 2009 Bluecat Screenwriting Contest Quarterfinalist for Lunatic
  • 2011 Creative Awards Finalist (9.6 out of 10 in all five categories) for The Second Coming Of Chris
  • 2012 NexTV Screenwriting Contest Semifinalist for Hello, Beautiful
  • 2013 Acclaim Scripts Screenwriting Contest Winner for Hello, Beautiful
  • 2014 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest 110/150 Judges Score for Pwned
  • 2014 Script-a-palooza Semifinalist for Pwned
  • 2014 Final Draft Big Break Quarterfinalist for Pwned
  • 2014 Creative World Awards Finalist (8.95 out of 10 in all five categories) for Pwned
  • 2014 Creative World Awards Finalist (8.63 out of 10 in all five categories) for Trina Sheridan & The Legend of Johnny Garlic
  • 2015 Bluecat Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalist for Too Cool For School
  • 2015 Screencraft Comedy Screenplay Contest Semifinalist for Too Cool For School
  • 2015 Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Contest Quarterfinalist for Pwned
  • 2015 Semi-Finalist Creative World Awards Screenwriting Contest for Too Cool For School
  • 2015 Preliminary Finalist Creative World Awards Screenwriting Contest for Too Cool For School
  • 2015 Final Draft Big Break Quarterfinalist for Pwned

What readers are saying about Nicholas Martin Johnson:

“Intelligent, funny comedy”

“(His Stories are) populated with living, breathing characters whose actions are always fascinating”

“(The author) has a wonderful ability to provide the reader with good visuals using an economy of language.”

“(The writing) keeps the reader interested in the story, but also presents the narrative in a clear, focused way”

“I always love it when a writer is clearly a step or two ahead of me in his/her plotting and I understand that I have been purposely led to ask questions.”

“Film executives and producers will see a promising premise and characters.”

“a strong comedic voice and it’s not afraid to go out on to a limb to land a joke.”

“(The author’s) style is easy going, drawing the reader into the story and entertaining them.”

“(Nicholas Johnson) has some real talent as a writer.”

“(The author) has creates laugh-out-loud moments.”

“The writer demonstrates a strong understanding of story-structure and character development.”

“Not only are the characters deeply entertaining, they’re written with a familiarity and affection that’s too rarely encountered in screenplays.”