Boozetown | by Nicholas Martin Johnson

Log Line: In the 1950s, a troubled visionary’s search for true happiness spirals into a relentless parade of insanity when he decides it is his destiny to build Boozetown – a city where every hour is happy hour.

Synopsis: Inspired by a true story, Boozetown is a drama about how chasing dreams sometimes leads to disaster.

When Mel Johnson loses his innocence as well as his best friend, Charlie, to World War II, Mel sets out on a desperate search for the happy days that are now so far gone.

After years of drunkenly stumbling all over the globe, Mel’s search leads him to the conclusion that there is no place where good times roll forever. When Mel is struck by a vision of a glittering city where booze is king and the party never ends, he makes it his life’s ambition to see it built. Where Vegas is the gambler’s Mecca. Boozetown is a drunkard’s paradise: “A city where the bars, clubs and liquor stores never close. Where the police force is there to help drunks, not hassle them. Where even the street names salute sweet mother booze: Gin Lane, Bourbon Boulevard and Scotch Street. An adult playground like no other.”*

Although the world greets Mel’s idea of a boozer’s paradise as crazy and utterly implausible, Mel becomes convinced that making Boozetown a reality is the only way he will ever achieve true happiness.

Mel’s plans are constantly thwarted at every turn by crazy millionaire investors, vicious mafia thugs, muckraking reporters and religious moralists as he pursues Boozetown with a monomaniacal fervor that leaves the rest of his life in its wake. When his fiancée, Rebecca, feels like her hope for building a future with Mel is taking a backseat to Boozetown, she leaves him and Mel descends deeper into paranoia. The dream of Boozetown slips farther and farther away until Mel eventually sacrifices love and future happiness for the promised salvation of a fantasy.

Alone and unstable, Mel freefalls headfirst into madness until he ultimately learns that his reality, much like Boozetown itself, is nothing more than a delusion.

*Excerpt from Mel Johnson’s diaries

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Boozetown | by Nicholas Martin Johnson