Lunatic | An Original Screenplay by Nicholas Martin Johnson


Juno meets Tuesdays With Morrie in this story of a free-loading rock chick whose life turns right side up after she takes a job with an eccentric self-help author whose “wisdom” may in fact be insanity.


Jessica ‘Easy’ Liston could never be bothered to grow up. She’s spent most of her adult life mooching off boyfriends and family members, but when her boyfriend throws her out and she gets arrested, Easy finds herself with nowhere to turn for the first time in her life.

After taking an assistant job Easy comes to discover that what she took to be charming eccentricity in her boss, Self-appointed, self-help guru, Mike Saunders maybe, in fact, something else – something worse.

Now she must find a way to balance her personal and professional life and do the right thing before she drowns in a sea of sex, romance and bad craziness.            


  • 2009 Bluecat Screenwriting Contest Quarterfinalist

Praise from the Bluecat Screenwriting Contest:

  • “An Intelligent, funny comedy”
  • “Populated with living, breathing characters whose actions are always fascinating”
  • “Well written”