Scripts by Nicholas Martin Johnson

Original Features

BOOZETOWN: In the 1950s, a troubled visionary’s search for true happiness spirals into a relentless parade of insanity when he decides it is his destiny to build Boozetown – a city where every hour is happy hour.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: The mouthy main character from an 80s teen sex comedy magically appears to a lovelorn teenager in order to help him go from nerdy zero to stud-muffin hero.

PWNED: A ragtag group of misfit video game testers are forced to use all of their gaming skills to save the world when an advanced graphics engine opens a portal between reality and a fantastical video game realm.

TRINA SHERIDAN & THE LEGEND OF JOHNNY GARLIC: An investigative journalist uncovers a tragic tale of love and loss that causes her to examine her own love life choices when she takes an assignment researching the origins of the Greek gyro sandwich.

THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIS: The ghost of a washed up movie star tries to ‘crossover’ to the land of the living in order to cash in on the fame his sensational death has generated.

THE GOOD THE BAD & THE HUNGRY: A love smitten loser accidently finds himself in the center of a political/religious controversy when he enters a local eating contest.

LUNATIC: A free-loading rock chick’s life turns right side up after she takes a job with an eccentric self-help author whose “wisdom” may in fact be insanity.


Original Pilots

HELLO, BEAUTIFUL (Co-authored with Elena Zaretsky) – A repressed, upper-middle class housewife’s walk on the wild side finds her taking a job as a phone sex worker.

RANDOM LAKE (Co-authored with Elena Zaretsky) – A down-on-his-luck, out-of-work game show host returns to the hometown he left behind years ago only to find himself imbroiled in the eccentric village’s quirky goings on and goofy politics side by side with his ex-high school sweetheart and the adult daughter he never knew he had.