The Good The Bad & The Hungry

The Good The Bad & The Hungry | by Nicholas Martin Johnson

Log Line: A love smitten loser accidently finds himself in the center of a political/religious controversy when he enters a local eating contest.

Synopsis: The Good The Bad & The Hungry is a character driven comedy that shines a humorous light on the world of professional eating and the controversy often surrounding it.

Adam Shershil has been in love with his best friend and local beauty queen, McCartney ‘Mac’ Schermetzler since they were kids, but she never seems to notice that he desperately wants to be more than friends.

In an effort to impress his would-be lady love, Shershil, together with the help of his hustler friend, Kenny Reister squares off against professional eater and pain-in-the-ass, Kara ‘The Human Vacuum’ Kopitzke in a local bratwurst eating contest.

Indigestion sets in when firebrand mayoral candidate, Clarence Mertz decides to make the sin of gluttony his number one campaign issue and putting the nix on all things bratwurst his top priority.

After Shershil’s spectacularly disgusting performance in the eating contest, Mertz manipulates the town’s sentiments against him and Shershil is shunned.

Now it’s up to Shershil to get back in the game, clear his name and get the girl.


  • Quarterfinalist in Bluecat screenwriting contest 2007
  • Quarterfinalist in PAGE Awards screenwriting contest 2007

The Good The Bad & The Hungry | by Nicholas Martin Johnson