The Second Coming of Chris

Second Coming of Chris  | by Nicholas Martin JohnsonLogline:

The ghost of a washed up movie star tries to ‘crossover’ to the land of the living in order to cash in on the fame his sensational death has generated.


Determined to be a star again, self-centered has-been and recently deceased actor, Chris Brandon, haunts the production of his own biopic. Desperate to find a way to cross over from ‘The Other Side’, Chris attempts to posses the body of the film’s lead actor only to become accidentally trapped inside the body of Lola Cooper, the uber-dorky president of his internet fan club.

When Chris learns a secret that changes the game on him, he has to find a way to get out of Lola’s body before he ruins more than just his life story.

Heaven Can Wait meets Groundhog Day in this edgy, but at the same time heartwarming story of one man’s redemption in the face of his own selfishness.


2011 Creative Awards Finalist (9.6 out of 10 in all five categories)

Praise from the Creative World Awards:

  • “This script is excellent. It’s funny from start to end with a strong emotional finish”
  • “Emotionally satisfying”
  • “An excellent read”
  • “Tends toward a crisp, visual and often funny style that works well to hold the reader’s attention.”
  • “(Has) a warm heart beneath it all”

Praise from the Bluecat Screenwriting Contest:

  • “A funny farce that has a fresh look at death and its aftermath”
  • “(The Author) gives us a true but funny reprobate in the main character”
  • “A lot of funny physical comedy”