Too Cool For School

Too Cool for School | by Nicholas Martin Johnson

As a child of the 80s, I’ve always had a fascination with classic movies like Sixteen Candles, Risky Business, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Can’t Buy Me Love. With this script, I wanted to pay homage to films of the era, while at the same time affectionately poking fun at some of their more dated conceits and concepts.

Log Line: A loveless loser goes from zero to stud-muffin hero when the mouthy main character from an 80s teen-sex comedy magically appears to give him lessons in coolness.

Synopsis: Too Cool for School is a romantic teen comedy that is a modern-day homage to the 1980s/John Hughes-era genre but with an exciting new twist.

It follows the recently single and ever-depressed Steven ‘Hump’ Humphreys and the hallucinatory apparition of his favorite 80s teen comedy stalwart, Jimmy Brady as they attempt to reignite Hump’s shattered love life out of the ashes of a particularly painful break up.

Jimmy’s dated and in some cases altogether insane advice steer Hump in the wrong direction from the start, leading Hump to accept help in his love quest from Diane, the empathetic sweetheart of his best friend, Tony.

As Hump and Diane forage the wild forests of the high school dating scene in search of a prom date for Hump, they discover a love for one another blossoming right under their noses.

With Jimmy urging him to make his move on Diane regardless of the consequences, Hump has to choose between his own happiness and that of his best friend and his best friend’s girl friend.



  • 2015 Bluecat Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalist
  • 2015 Semifinalist ScreenCraft 2015 Comedy Screenplay Contest
  • 2015 Semi-Finalist Creative World Awards Screenwriting Contest
  • 2015 Preliminary Finalist Creative World Awards Screenwriting Contest

Praise from BlueCat Screenplay Competition:

  • “…Hilarious… Pulls the audience into the story right away.”
  • “The dialogue is quick and funny.”
  • “…Classic uncool-boy-seeks-coolness-and-girl story.”
  • “…Covers all the elements of an 80s high school movie, it doesn’t veer into the cliché (it highlights and calls out all the corniness, yes, but never falls victim to it).”
  • “The writing has a clear and consistent voice that makes the script fun to read.”

Praise From The PAGE Awards

  • “Dialogue is terrific overall with some real laughs”
  • “Great stand out gags and moments of honest emotional engagement in between beats of silliness.”
  • “(The author) has a lot of talent! I genuinely laughed throughout the script, which is rare”

Praise from Creative World Awards

  • “Excellent commercial potential”