Trina Sheridan & The Legend of Johnny Garlic

Trina Sheridan & The Legend of Johnny Garlic | by Nicholas Martin Johnson

Logline: An investigative journalist uncovers a tragic tale of love and loss that causes her to examine her own love life choices when she takes an assignment researching the origins of the Greek gyro sandwich. 

Synopsis: As a cub reporter for Chicago’s local food rag, Trina Sheridan dreams of one day becoming a real reporter, covering real news stories for real magazines that matter.

Meanwhile her photographer and chief partner in getting the scoop has dreams of holding Trina in his arms forever – a dream that Trina fears will interfere with her own.

When they are tapped to investigate the life of Daphne Papoutsanis, the millionaire maven responsible for introducing the world to the Gyro sandwich, they realize they’ve stumbled into something a lot more meaningful than a simple obituary.

Daphne Papoutsanis’ story is one of hard work, determination, passion… and Love. She worked her way up from nothing to build an empire, but perhaps at the expense of her own true happiness. When, upon her passing, Daphne leaves her entire estate to a mystery man named, Johnny Garlic, The game is afoot and Trina and Andrew are on the case.

As they delve deeper into Daphne’s tragic tale of love lost, Trina realizes her true feelings for Andrew and that, despite her misgivings regarding what it might do her career, she must act upon them or risk losing him forever.


  • 2014 Creative World Awards Finalist (8.63 out of 10 in all five categories)

Praise from Bluecat:

  • “(The author) has a wonderful ability to provide the reader with good visuals using an economy of language.”
  • “(The writing) keeps the reader interested in the story, but also presents the narrative in a clear, focused way”

Praise from Script Pipeline:

  • “(The author) has created a fun, romantic script that has the potential for wide audience appeal.”
  • “The story Tip(s) its hat at all those classic comedies about intrepid reporters.”

Praise from PAGE Awards:

  • “A lot of fun.”
  • “As legends go, this one is colorful.”
  • “I always love it when a writer is clearly a step or two ahead of me in his/her plotting and I understand that I have been purposely led to ask questions.”
  • “This screenplay accomplished a very physical reaction in this reader: It sent me straight out to order a gyro. At 10:00 at night nonetheless! This story is a heck of a love letter to that delicious wrap, without a doubt!”

Praise from

  • “Film executives and producers will see a promising premise and characters within this chunk of writing.”
  • “An inspired story that is both fun and heartwarming.”
  • “The insight into the world of food reporting feels timely and capitalizes on the growing cultural interest in food and the stories surrounding it.”
  • “The script boasts a strong comedic voice and it’s not afraid to go out on to a limb to land a joke.”
  • “Trina is a dynamic protagonist. It’s a smart, modern choice to put an accomplished woman at the center of the film and the script allows her to be intelligent without ever coming across as a shrew.”
  • “This script is very funny with a strong voice that makes it easy to read and hard to put down.”
  • “The script is original and thoughtfully put together, with plenty of great opportunities to offer for talent as well as directors with expertise in the light comedy genre.”